Agreement between __________________________________________ (Company) and _______________________________________________ (Sales Representative).

Sales Representative agrees to:

1. Represent and sell the Company’s ______________________ products / services in the geographic area of __________________________________________________.

2. Accurately represent and state Company policies to all potential and present customers.

3. Promptly mail in all leads and orders to the Company.

4. Inform the sales manager of all problems concerning Company customers within the sales territory.

5. Inform the sales manager if the Sales Representative is representing, or plans to
represent any other business firm. In no event shall sales representative represent a competitive company or product line either within or outside the designated sales area.

6. Telephone the Company with reasonable frequency to discuss sales activity within the territory.

7. Provide company with a 30-days’ notice should the Representative intend to terminate this agreement.

8. Return promptly all materials and samples provided by the Company to the
Representative if either party terminates this agreement.

The Company Agrees to:

1. Pay the following commissions to the Sales Representative:

(a) _________ percent of all prepaid sales, except as stated in (4) below.

(b) _________ percent of all credit sales, except as stated in (4) below.

2. To negotiate in advance of sale the commission percentage to be paid on all orders that the Company allows a quantity discount or other trade concession.

3. Commissions on refunds to customers or merchandise returned by the customer in which a commission has already been paid to the Representative shall be deducted from future commissions to be paid to the Representative by the Company.

4. Except by special arrangement, the following shall not be commissioned: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. To provide the Sales Representative with reasonable quantities of business cards,
brochures, catalogs, and any product samples required for sales purposes.

6. To set minimum monthly quotas after consultation with the Sales Representative.

7. To grant Representative 30-days’ notice should the Company wish to terminate this

8. To pay commissions to the Representative on sales from existing customers for a
period of _______________ months after this agreement is terminated by either party.

9. This constitutes the entire agreement.

10. This agreement shall be binding upon the parties and their successors and assigns.

Signed this _____ day of _______________ (month), _____ (year).

_____________________________________________ Company

_____________________________________ Sales Representative

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